What does it take to install our speakers?   Can I do it myself?  Are they Plug-and-Play?

All very good questions that you really need to have a good answer before moving forward.

First, no, our products are not true plug-and-play.  They are more of a universal solution for most any motorcycle.  As such you will need to be able to do basic wiring.  We do provide some general instructions, depending on the complexity of the product you are buying, and most backyard mechanics will have no trouble, but if you are uncomfortable working on your bike, this is not the place to start.

Unlike cheaper handlebar speakers, ours are pretty heavy duty.  The clamps are beefy, and you need to do more than just unscrew a hose clamp.  Wiring is pretty simple, but you cannot simply connect into an existing circuit for either our amplified speakers or separate amplifiers.  you will need to run power to the battery through your switch of choice (you can use a standard automotive relay hooked to the stock ignition to control power to the amp.

Not to scare you away.  If you’re mechanically inclined, our product is high quality and fits without modification, as long as you select the right product, but if changing your own oil scares you, you’d probably want to find someone to do the installation for you (if you’re in SoCal, we’re the obvious choice).