Our amplified speakers all contain REAL Class-D Amplifiers, with real power supplies.  No cheesy 14w 12v amplifiers mislabeled as 100w.  These are quality from inside to out.  Each 4in speaker has a true 40w-50w RMS CONTINUOUS going to it.  They don’t just play loud for a half second, they’ll play loud all day long.  They all use variations on the Texas Instruments TPA3116 Class-D amplifier chip at 24v.  No other company will tell you what chip they use, because a quick search will show they don’t make the power they claim to make.

You will need to use a preamp of some sort, like our various Bluetooth controllers.  The signal straight from your cell phone won’t play loud enough (Thank the lawyers for that.  Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s ears).

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