2 x 4in Speakers Kits with Micro “Ugly Amp”


Premium Custom Chrome Housings speakers with FULLY MARINIZED 4in Polk Speakers.  Full Kit
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So Cal Cycle Sound  Custom Chrome or Black Motorcycle 4in Speaker Kits

Everything you need for serious sound on your bike. Premium Custom Chrome speakers with FULLY MARINIZED Polk drivers with true 100w RMS  Class-D “Ugly Amp”, Bluetooth controller with bar mount…everything you need.  All the top quality components we use on our own professional installations.

Yes, you read the right, this kit uses our own amplifier and it’s UGLY.  Why do we build our own amplifiers?   Because all of the amplifiers out there are either way too big or very wimpy.  This amp is half the size or less than the amplifiers provided in competitors kits, yet pack full size amp power.  Other micro amps may quote big power numbers, but in reality they are more like 15w RMS true power.  This tiny little amp has a true Class-D amp that will put out 50w RMS power into each speaker all day long.  Why it it ugly?   Because it’s got a ton of heat sink space and no box to cover the ugly stuff.  Besides, it’s so tiny you’ll be hiding it anyway.

Check out the video: 

The “Ugly Amp” has two outputs for the two speakers, one 2ch input that plugs directly into the supplied Bluetooth controller, and a power and ground. It’s already tuned with the proper HPF and Gain settings for the speakers, and matched perfectly with the BT controller.  Each of our custom “Ugly Amps” is run on an Amp Dyno at full power for 4 hours before it’s sold.

  • 4in Polk Marine Speakers in Show Quality Chrome Housings (or choose Black)
  • 2ch TRUE 100w RMS Class-D “UGLY” amplifier (3in  x 2.5in x 1.75in)
    (about 50% more REAL power than competitors 400w systems)
  • Bluetooth Controller with Handlebar mount (XUBT3 & XUBT4)
    XUBT3 – Knob for Volume
    XUBT4 – Buttons for Volume
    VUBT2 – No controls.  Must use phone to control volume
  • Heavy Duty Chrome bar clamps
  • All Wiring for your average installation
  • Instructions


Hand built in the USA.   One year warranty on everything.

2 x 4in Speakers Kits with Micro “Ugly Amp”

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Clamp Size

1in, 1 1/8 in, 1 1/4 in

Bluetooth Controller


Chrome or Black

Chrome, Black