4 x 4in Chrome Speakers Kits


Premium Custom Chrome Housings speakers with FULLY MARINIZED 4in Polk Speakers.
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So Cal Cycle Sound  Custom Chrome Motorcycle 4in Speaker Kits

Everything you need for serious sound on your bike. Premium Custom Chrome speakers with FULLY MARINIZED Polk Drivers with true 50w RMS x4 Class-D amplifier (400W peak power, Bluetooth controller with bar mount…everything you need.  All the top quality components we use on our own professional installations.

The amp we use perfectly sized for 4 4in speakers.   Much smaller than amps you’ll find in other kits, you can fit this in spots you could never fit another amp (under the seat?).  It’s a real 50w x 4 RMS amplifier.   Check the true RMS power and ACTUAL size of other amps.  You’d be surprised at what others are trying to sell you.

  • 4in Polk Marine Speakers in Show Quality Chrome Housings
  • 4ch TC400 TRUE 200w RMS Class-D amplifier  3″W x 6″L x 1.5″H
    (about 50% more REAL power than competitors supposed 400w systems)
  • Bluetooth Controller with Handlebar mount (XUBT3 & XUBT4)
    XUBT3 – Knob for Volume
    XUBT4 – Buttons for Volume
    VUBT2 – No controls.  Must use phone to control volume
  • Heavy Duty Chrome bar clamps
  • All Wiring for your average installation
  • Instructions


Hand built in the USA.   One year warranty on everything.

4 x 4in Chrome Speakers Kits

Additional information

Clamp Size

1in, 1 1/8 in, 1 1/4 in

Bluetooth Controller


Chrome or Black

Chrome, Black