CVO Style Super Neo Magnet High Output 6×9 Lids 1994-2013


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Super Neo Magnet High Output 6×9 Lids 1994-2013

Quite simply the best combination of 6×9 lids and speakers you can get for any price.  
The lids are high quality Vivid Black with true metal mesh “CVO Style” grills.  Just bolt on your factory hardware and go.
The speakers are Polk’s brand new Neodymium Magnet ultra high end 6×9 water proof marine speakers.  Not only do they sound great and have amazing efficiency and power handling, but they’re super light weight.  No broken bag lid hardware, ripped retainers, or wasted space.  These speakers are a fraction of the size and weight of anything else in their quality range.  Fully waterproof, they’ve got the power handling of speakers costing twice as much that aren’t even water proof (we’ve tested them side by side).  If you know speakers, check out the quality crossover components in the pictures.  You won’t find that level on any other motorcycle speaker.
You could spend more buying these lids and speakers separately, but then you’d have to make the modifications necessary to get them to fit right.  These are ready to go out of the box.  We’ve done all the experimenting for you.
Other Motorcycle Stereo specialty shops will charge hundreds of dollars more for lids with far cheaper speakers.  They have to, as they paid a lot of money to source their own brand of speaker.  That’s more profitable for them, but don’t think for a minute that they’ve got the kind of skills or development budget of Polk Audio.  So Cal Cycle Sound knows the best bang for your buck, and these are it.
Other lid colors available for special order.
CVO Style Super Neo Magnet High Output 6×9 Lids 1994-2013