All-in-One Complete Handlebar Speaker System


All-In-One Motorcycle Speaker System
– Bluetooth
– Volume Control
– Track forward and Back
– Amplifier
– Premium Marine Speakers



EVERYTHING you need for excellent sound from you handlebars!!!

This all-in-one package has a Bluetooth receiver, with buttons for volume control, track forward and back, on-off switch, 100w true RMS class-D amplifier and 2 full marine Polk speakers all in one package. See video for picture of latest model.

To say that this is the BEST all in one system would be an understatement.  All others are just toys.  The quality of this hand-built system is miles ahead of the rest, and the sound quality is simply incomparable.  We’re simply the only game in town with a true 100w amplifier and real high end marine speakers.

Very simple to install.  All you need is power and ground (a good 15amp source). We recommend running straight to the battery.  Turn it on, link up your phone to the bluetooth and you’re making music.  We’d give you more details here, but there’s just not much more to say.  Everything you need for loud, clear sound on your motorcycle.

If you’ve never tried any of the other self contained systems, you might not understand just how amazing these are.  You can hear them loud and clear at twice the speed of any other system.

These are sold with high quality chrome clamps.  Please measure and choose the correct size.

Housing is 9 x 5 x 5.25in

Hand built in the USA.

All-in-One Complete Handlebar Speaker System

Additional information

Clamp Size

1in, 1 1/8 in, 1 1/4 in