4in Amplified Chrome Speakers Kits


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So Cal Cycle Sound  Custom Chrome Motorcycle 4in Amplified Speaker Kit

Everything you need for serious sound on your bike when you don’t have room for a separate amplifier. Premium Custom Chrome speakers with FULLY MARINIZED Polk Speakers with. True 100w RMS Class-D amplifier, Bluetooth controller with bar mount…everything you need.  All the top quality components we use on our own professional installations.

These are the only truly properly amplified 4in speakers currently made.  Others claim outrageous power, but you don’t have to listen to them for long to realize you’ve been fooled.  Others claim “peak” power numbers which are meaningless.  These are true amplified speakers with their own 24v power supply and a 2 channel 100w RMS amplifier built in.  That’s why they are a little deeper than others.  THE DIFFERENCE IS SUBSTANTIAL!

For those who are technically minded we use a TPA3116 amplifier at 24v.  A quick look at the spec sheets for this well know class-D amplifier chip will verify our claims.

A small (2″ x 2″ x 1″) completely weather sealed power supply will need to be mounted somewhere.  This is what gives these speakers 2-3 times the output of others.  Many owners put this box on the front of the frame, but it can really go anywhere.


  • 4in Amplified Speakers in Show Quality Chrome Housings
  • Bluetooth Controller with Handlebar mount
  • Heavy Duty Chrome bar clamps
  • All Wiring for your average installation
  • Instructions


Hand built in the USA.   One year warranty on everything.

4in Amplified Chrome Speakers Kits

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Clamp Size

1in, 1 1/8 in, 1 1/4 in

Bluetooth Controller