Bluetooth “Amp-in-a-Box”


Full power amplifier and BT controller in a Classic Harley toolbox.

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Do you want high quality sound for your bike but don’t have room for a separate amplifier? This was a problem for our customers as well, so we started building these based off a classic Harley tool box.

Inside is a genuine 60w x 4 (rms) amplifier wired to a Bluetooth controller. Turn sound on-off, adjust volume and go forward or back in the track list, all without a controller on your handlebar.

These are not the cheap amplifiers you will find elsewhere that list themselves as “200w” which are actually more like 30w. This is a real class-D amplifier with a high quality Bluetooth controller. It will drive four of our speakers perfectly (or one set of Quad 4), and is already adjusted. Just install and go.

Installation consists of power, ground, and four speaker leads. VERY simple. The only tough part will be mounting to your bike. Every bike is different, but the box is a common Harley Tool Kit, so if you can mount one of those, you can mount this.

Each one is hand built by our staff, just like the ones we build for our in-store customers. You’ll receive the same pre and post sale support. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Bluetooth “Amp-in-a-Box”